Durable and High-Quality Winter Pool Covers

Due to current industry demands, winter cover sales are limited at this time. Please email rick@ellispoolcovers.com for more information

Winter safety covers

For a variety of reasons, we at Ellis’ Pool Safety Covers do not recommend using automatic pool covers as winter covers. A separate, dedicated winter cover is almost always the best way to go.

Safety mesh covers have proven to be a great solution for the snowy New England winter season. These covers look terrific, are a true safety barrier, and last a very long time (some have lasted 30+ years!). Using a separate winter cover also has the benefit of extending the life of the automatic pool cover material by keeping that material rolled up and out of the sunshine for around half of each year.

We offer mesh winter covers from several makers to best suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions – Mesh and Solid Winter Covers

How Should I Store My Winter Cover?

Ideally, the cover should be kept inside the mesh material bag that came with your pool cover. The cover in the bag should be kept in a shed, pool room, basement, etc., and hung up off the ground. Mice and other small animals find mesh pool cover material to be a nice substrate; hanging the cover off the ground deters the rodents.

Can I Walk On My Winter Pool Cover?

Only in an emergency. It won't be fun. Your feet will get wet as the water will come up through the mesh when you sag down to the water.

How Far Down Should My Water Level Be Set When The Pool Is Winterized?

18 inches.