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Why Coverstar

Underguide slider

Underguide (Track) And Slider

The Coverstar 3 channel underguide track and slider system out performs all the competitors similar hardware.  This 10 year proven system has been outstanding.

 We can go on..



Sealed Electric Motor

The standard electric gear motors are manufactured in a 'can of epoxy' giving them excellent resistance to water.  The motor will work while, and even after the mechanism enclosure is temporarily flooded.  The hardened steel shaft and oil bathed gears have an outstanding record of reliability in the field.


Rope Pulleys

The stainless steel rope pulleys are custom, specially designed for Coverstar automatic pool covers.  The two inch mechanism pulleys are more forgiving to the ropes than the industry standard one inch.  We have not had to replace a single two inch pulley since their use began in 2006.

Extruded roll up tube

Extruded Anodized Aluminum Roll Up Tube

As an upgrade, 6 inch extruded clear anodized roll up tubes are available.  Recommended for salt water pools, indoor pools, commercial applications, or when just the best is wanted.  Anodized for superior corrosion resistance.  Heavy duty, easily twice the thickness, and strength of the previous industry standard, irrigation tube.  Corrugated design interlocks with the hubs.


PowerFlex Ropes

Quoted directly from the Coverstar website:

"PowerFlex Rope behaves like a shock absorber that allows it to be more forgiving and self adjusting during operation. It also resists distortion that is common with autocover ropes, making it easier to install and operate with fewer adjustments."


Coverstar Eclipse Stainless Steel Mechanism

COVERSTAR - the most durable and reliable automatic safety cover on the market

 Here are some ways how

  • bullet Stainless steel construction
  • bullet Heavy duty clutch and drive parts
  • bullet Coverstar unique 2 piece main drive pin assembly - never breaks
  • bullet Caliper style mechanical torque limiter
  • bullet Cast and machined solid stainless steel rope spool assembly
  • bullet Sealed electric motor resists temporary flooding
  • bullet Coverstar unique two inch stainless steel pulleys are used on the mechanism
  • bullet Intelligent design allows for extensive disassembly, lubrication, and service without removing the entire mechanism.  The system is relatively easy to service.
  • bullet Two piece tube cones allow for easy removal (or repositioning) of the roll up tube, for cleaning of the mechanism enclosure, or service, etc.
  • bullet The mechanism end opposite the motor has a 3/4" square receive to accept a 3/4" ratchet to manually crank the pool cover open in case of power failure, etc.

Ellis Pool Covers Inc. Has Been A Coverstar Authorized Dealer Since 1994

  This is not an accident.  Professionalism, innovation, and continual product advances / improvements, are what Coverstar brings to the table. We appreciate this high level of service, and it is what we have come to expect.

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