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 Automatic pool cover systems are mechanical devices, with components that have a finite expected life.  Service calls are normal about every 5 years, on average.  There is a wide range of experience so far as service requirements go.  Some customers have gone 18+ years since installation without needing attention!  Some larger, custom, or unusual applications benefit greatly from a regular service interval.

We Service Most Types, And Manufacture Of Automatic Pool Covers

  Our service crews carry hundreds (probably thousands) of industry specific parts in the trucks.  In turn, our trucks carry competent and some of the most experienced (20+ years) service people.  Most service calls are completed in one trip.

  We service what we sell, as well as most other brands of automatic pool cover.  We also sell and install replacement fabrics for all systems.

When You Need A Service Call

  Service can be performed best when the temperature is above 45 degrees or so, and the pool water level is at the correct summer operating level.

  If possible, have the cover surface pumped off and reasonably clean.

  To effectively communicate the exact situation you have, I welcome you to send me pictures of the problem.  Lots of pictures.  Doing so will raise the odds of a one trip service solution. Email - Mitch@ellispoolcovers.com

Cover Owner Service

  There are a few aspects of service/ repair that can be handled by a resourceful home owner. 

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