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Automatic Pool Covers For New Pools

 When automatic pool cover systems are incorporated into the pool design from the beginning, they work and look best, as well as being the most inconspicuous.  Usually, the pool cover mechanism, and most of the hardware resides underground.

 Knowing the details ahead of time is critical when planning your new pool.   Browse the pictures, and feel free to call for help.

Encapsulated Track

 Encapsulated track systems use a track system that is built into the pool walls.  The mechanism is housed under ground. This has become far and away the most popular style of of new installation.  There are several types encapsulated track systems available.  Vinyl liner encapsulation kits include a built in liner receive.  Here are some examples.

Under Track System

 On rectangular shaped pools, an under track system can be installed.  The tracks attach to the underside of cantilevered coping, or decking.  The mechanism is housed under ground.

 This popular method was used almost exclusively to hide the tracks until encapsulated track became available.  Old school, and still the choice for some builders.

Top Track Recessed Mechanism

 This configuration is used to apply an automatic pool cover to a non rectangular pool.  The cover rolls up under ground to minimize the amount of space it takes away from your pool area.  The track the cover moves in is low profile, and feet friendly.  This type of system can also be installed onto existing pools.

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