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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My Automatic Pool Cover As A Winter Cover?

Yes, you can if your pool and pool cover both are designed carefully. There are potential trade offs.  Here in New England, we do not recommend using an automatic pool cover for winter use. 

Can I Walk On My Pool Cover?

Yes, but should only do so in an emergency.

How Can I Clean My Cover?

Some mild soap and water splashed onto the cover surface can be brushed with a regular pool brush.  Scrubbing the entire surface will likely require moving the cover several times, for leverage with the brush.  Use you cover pump to remove the soapy water.  There is no miracle product, or method, that we know of that cleans cover fabrics effort free.  

When Is It Time For A New Cover?

Automatic pool cover fabrics have a finite life.  5 To 9 years is the average.  At some point in time the fabric will no longer be able to perform it's job.

 Most Common Fatal Problems

The good news is when the fabric is replaced, the cover system looks new (of course), and works like new - maybe better.  Advances in pool cover technology are steady.

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