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What Is An Automatic Pool Cover?

Get off the pool cover

  The pool cover systems sold by Ellis Pool Covers Inc. are best described as powered safety covers.  A reinforced fabric (click here for the standard colors) material rides in 2 tracks, and is pulled back and forth across the pool.  The cover is pulled over the pool by Dacron cables, and pulleys, which are hidden in the track.  The cover is pulled off the pool by rolling up onto a long aluminum tube.  Power for the system comes from an electric gear motor, or from a hydraulic motor with a remote electric power pack.

 The fabric material itself is reinforced with a Dacron mesh built into the bottom of it, which makes it very strong.  At the same time the fabric is quite flexible, and forms a draping seal over the surface of the entire pool.  When the cover is closed, the pool is basically a huge (and soft) water bed.  The capacity to support large amounts of weight comes from the pool water itself, in the form of buoyancy.  Extra slack in the fabric forces any load on it to float, instead of being supported solely by the tracks and mounting hardware.  With the water level in the pool is as full as it should be, the fabric can easily support the weight of several adults, safely.  A child's, weight is easily handled.
 Operating the cover is done via a key lockable electric switch.  Typically, it takes less than a minute to open or close the pool.

A Thermal Barrier

 Keeping your pool covered when not in use will considerably reduce the amount of fuel to heat it.  Not only does the cover fabric seal off evaporation, and heat loss that way, but it also acts as a solar cover, to a degree.  Here in New England, the swimming season can be significantly lengthened by keeping the pool water warm despite the cool spring and autumn nights.

 At the same time, keeping your pool covered when not in use helps in the following ways:

A Safety Cover

Ellis Pool Covers Inc. sells tracked automatic swimming pool cover systems (versus floating covers like the bubble wrap type).  All covers meet the ASTM standard F 1346-91.

The main provisions of ASTM F1346-91 are:

12 people on an automatic swimming pool cover

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